About Us

We pledge to bridge together

compliance tools that focus on innovative solution together with you, and with you in mind.

SYNERGY (Plus+) is an Association for Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities Professionals that supports oversight compliance through web-based artificial intelligence programming, policy questions & Knowledge, and best practice approach. Our belief stems from the ability to come together in synergy to support the quality of services I/DD professionals provide that impact individual quality of life, and provider compliance.

SYNERGY (Plus+) builds itself as your virtual I/DD supports team, and one stop access to:

    Electronic Auditing Tools

    Access easy to use electronic auditing tools useful for oversight assessments and trending reports. Grasp individual success rate, incorporate risk analysis and mitigation planning right from your home computer, laptop, or smart phone.

    Email Alerts

    Receive email alerts about policy updates requiring your I/DDP oversight supports that gears best-practice approach.

    Training Videos & Materials

    Take advantage of updated training videos & materials with helpful tools and tricks to better manage time, & person-centered efforts.

    Hiring Board

    We’ve taken the leg work out of the way and tailored a list of hopeful I/DD Professionals trained in person-centered documentation through our online portal.

    Virtual Compliance Team

    Compliance help is simply a click away with SYNERGY’s virtual compliance team. Our highly trained team of experts are here to support your team through to compliance. No time to audit, or ensure documentation compliance, we’re here to help! We’ve got you covered behind the scenes, so that you can focus more on the individuals who need it most!

Synergy Plus an Association for I/DD Professionals LLC