Allow SYNERGY (Plus+) systems

to support your administrative workload via web-based functions designed to support peak compliance performance.

By combining compliance assessment areas you get to take the leg work out of the way and spend more time caring for the individuals you serve. Our tools are formulated by trusted I/DD and Medical Professionals who understand the importance of competence, quality, and best-practice approach. Allow AI innovation and compliance to work together for you to ensure individuals and providers receive the quality of services they deserve.

SYNERGY(Plus+) Membership Benefits Include:

I/DD Electronic auditing & trending tools with system generated recommendations that incorporate person-centered performance percentages, risk analysis and mitigation planning

Policy updates concerning your DDP oversight supports/services (State specific)

Email alerts on policy updates requiring your DDP oversight supports

Updated training videos & printable training materials

SYNERGY’s Q&A forum is a place to share and be guided on your compliance support practices with fellow National I/DD professionals!

Helpful tools & tricks to better manage time, & person-centered efforts

SYNERGY Compliance Team supports

Creative Recruiting Hiring board

Online coaching webinars, resources & Much More

Register below today and begin gearing quality of service auditing with the use of SYNERGY (Plus+) systems

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