Introducing SYNERGY (Plus+) service! Our virtual compliance team offers cost effective and reliable compliance support services for I/DD Professionals and Providers that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Our compliance team gathers data entered via SYNERGY (Plus+) online tool, to develop & deliver your individuals trending reports on-time, accurately assessed, & person-centered driven. Our compliance team members are knowledgeable & passionate about keeping your I/DDP documentation compliance at the forefront of our driving force! As added effort, we work to employ qualified compliance team members; therefore, our doors are always open to employ the most knowledge, most-savvy, and most efficient virtual team members.

Supports from SYNERGY (Plus+) Compliance Team include:

  • Trending towards individual ISP goals & objectives
  • Progress note auditing
  • Documentation & ISP training that focuses on what’s important to & for individuals served


  • Document creation for specific needs (Individual consents & Rights forms
  • Day to day tracking templates (Document creation request)
  • In-depth documentation training materials designed to support daily tracking & progress/event note requirements
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