Political Affairs

  • Currently supporting and also petitioning the supports of Representative Pamela S. Stephenson as a BA-DDP board member/affiliate. Mrs. Stephenson Attorney, and politician from Georgia; a member of the Georgia House of Representatives representing the state’s 90th district which includes parts of DeKalb and Rockdale counties. She is also a strong advocate on inhibiting decrease of Medicaid funding.
  • Supporting and assisting in the facilitation for the “Docs not Glocks” program with the ATLANTA COALITION, that organizes against police killings & assist Crisis Mobile units in stabilizing their assistance & educating community police officers in how to better deal with the I/DD population in cases of emergency during 911 dispatch. Assisting 911 dispatch with revising questions during 911 calls to ask “Is the individual diagnosed with a mental disorder or considered developmentally disabled?” is our call to action now!


  • Contact Mobile Crisis Response Unit for face to face meeting.
  • Find out from instructor or police office the actual content of the training. (Paul)
  • Find list (NAMI) of who does the training.
  • Research where there is a model for a county peer-led system. (Bridget)
  • See if we can make appointment with Chief King in Doraville for after our call. (Margaret)
  • Dustin (NCIL) as resource for training on other disabilities. Autism, for example.

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