Products & Services

SYNERGY (Plus+) builds itself

as your virtual I/DD supports team, and one stop access to

Auditing tools

    I/DD Oversight Tool- This tool incorporates required & best practice sections that work to assist I/DD Professionals with auditing, analyze risk, and mitigation planning. Our tool offers time, provider information, date, & service stamped criteria to ensure complete accuracy & quality.

    Trending Tool- Targets required & best practice criteria that work to assist I/DD Professionals with tracking individual person-centered growth goals & day to day living tasks. Our trending tool includes capabilities that gear life-long learning goals & outcomes via colored coded graph charts, percentages, compare & contrast, system generated recommendations, and time/date stamped criteria for complete accuracy & quality.

SYNERGY (Plus+) Hiring Board

To assist providers with filling-in service gaps created by unexpected employee turn-overs. We’ve tailored a list of prospects that are ready to work with you! This feature offers a database of qualified I/DD Professionals, Direct Care Givers & Consultants whom are trained in documentation & ready to assist with provider compliance.

Simply browse, select, & interview; It’s that simple! Our aim is to employ & make compliance support prospects easier to find.

National Q&A Forum

SYNERGY’s Q&A forum is a place to share and be guided on your compliance support practices with fellow National I/DD professionals!

Policy knowledge in this forum is MEMBER DRIVEN; This allows members to share information about local & national policies & procedures via SYNERGY (Plus+) National Questions and answers forum. We are an association of I/DD Professionals that support each other on provider compliance, policy questions & Knowledge, and best practice approach.

Compliance Forms

This feature assists with the creation of individuals Consents & Rights forms required for compliance & day to day tracking needs. Providers can even request that documents are tailored to fit agency and individual need.

Compliance Supports & Services

Our compliance team gathers data entered via SYNERGY (Plus+) online tool, to develop & deliver your individuals trending reports on-time, accurately assessed, & person-centered driven. Our compliance team members are knowledgeable & passionate about keeping your I/DDP documentation compliance at the forefront of our driving force! As added effort, we work to employ qualified compliance team members; therefore, our doors are always open to employ the most knowledge, most-savvy, and most efficient virtual team members.

Supports from SYNERGY (Plus+) Compliance Team include:

  • Trending towards individual ISP goals & objectives

  • Progress note auditing

  • Documentation & ISP training that focuses on what’s important to & for individuals served

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